Chad Pigeon's Neo Denshi Cult

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Not to be confused with the original: Denshi Cult[edit]

Guild mascot and icon known as Chadocu.

Chad Pigeon's Neo Denshi Cult (officially under many other names) is a Discord guild created by Pigeon. It is a General discussion guild with Matrix and Discord exclusive channels. The main channels in the guild are #general and #spam.

The guild's original claimed purpose was to be a safe haven for members of the Denshi Cult who didn't enjoy the growing toxicity within the guilds. Despite the guild having "Denshi" in it's name for the majority of it's existence, the guild had barely anything to do with Denshi other than it sharing members with the Denshi guilds.

The guilds' former ideology reflected the desire of the guild to stop the glaring issues of the Denshi guilds, this ideology has now been forgotten as the guild gets trapped into a state of demise.


In May 2021, the guild was created by Pigeon to join in on the fun that a Denshi Cult member was having making throw-away guilds but soon evolved into a possible replacement and member's hideaway for the Denshi Cult.

In June 2021, an active member of the guild created a 3D rendered mascot character named Chadocu (a portmanteau of "chad" and "document"). With his big brain with a heart, he would become the symbol of the guild's early days due to his wholesome appearance and intentions.

In early September 2021, still under the name "Denshi ya Tomodachi" users in the chat room complained about the Denshi branding, in response Pigeon invited Denshi into the guild to make a point and keep the status quo. Denshi left the guild quickly after being invited and the guild began to rebrand under the name "Pigeon ya Tomodachi" and later, "Deep-fried Chadoku" with a low quality image of Chadocu as the guild icon.

On the 25th of September 2021, the guild briefly gained a large amount of activity due to based pliers joining. This included the spamming of Denshi Cult propaganda and gifs of femboys and transsexual people. The guild after this point has gone downhill.

On the 1st of October 2021, Paperslop was made the owner of the Discord portion, signalling the end of the original anti-toxicity ideology that the guild was based on.