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King'z is an idiotic member of the Denshi Cult who claims to have the ability of speaking three languages when he barley knows how to spell "Enthousiast".

He loves gaming, technology, anime and pissing on people. He is a massive fan of music creators nobody gives a shit about like two french rappers named Bigfol n' Oil. In his free time when not watching anime, talking to his "friends" or surfing the internet, you can find him "trolling" people on Discord in servers such as DenshiVideo "Cult". However he has some limits in terms of his so called "trolling", this is why he dislikes the great trolling of Pliers another member of the Cult. Although he loves his computer and is an "Apple Enthusiast", he hates using real coding applications and using terminal applications because you usually need to use your brain while using them. He claims that if you really piss him off, your mouth will be his toilet bowl (he has Forniphilia).