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On December 8, 2019 Denshi created his video Just Use Malwarebytes. This was the beginning of of his Just Use series which includes topics such as OBS, GIMP, Audacity and, Blender. This series soon became Denshi's most popular video series to date, once again proving his only audience is freetarded. This article covers software alternatives to popular programs and websites that may respect your freedom, your wallet or both!

Basic Utility Software[edit]

Abandon Avoid Adopt
Windows 10 MacOS or Chrome OS GNU/Linux or BSD
Chrome or Firefox Brave or Waterfox Ungoogled Chromium, LibreWolf or TOR
Adobe PDF Reader Non-FOSS Alternatives Scribus or Okular
Microsoft Office Google Docs LibreOffice
Android or iOS Android One or Googled ROMs /e/ or PostMarketOS
Bandicam/Xbox Recording Xsplit or Wirecast OBS Studio
WinRAR WinZip 7Zip
VMware Non-FOSS Alternatives QEMU or VirtualBox

Creative Software[edit]

Abandon Avoid Adopt
Adobe Photoshop Non-FOSS alternatives GIMP or Krita
Adobe Illustrator Non-FOSS Alternatives Inkscape
Adobe Lightroom Non-FOSS Alternatives RawTherapee or Darktable
Adobe Animate/Flash ToonBoom OpenToonz
Adobe Audition Non-FOSS Alternatives & Audacity Sneedacity or Tenacity
Adobe Premiere Sony Vegas or Hitfilm DaVinci Resolve
Autodesk Maya Rhinoceros or Zbrush Blender
FL Studio Ableton or Cakewalk Arodur or LMMS

Web Services[edit]

Abandon Avoid Adopt
YouTube BitChute, LBRY or D.tube PeerTube or Odysee
WhatsApp Telegram, Skype or Discord Element or Signal
Discord Guilded or Telegram Element or anything Matrix
Zoom Microsoft Teams or Discord Jitsi
Twitter All alternatives Watch this video or RSS
Google Drive Yandex Disk or Koofr Nextcloud or MEGA
Gmail Outlook Self-host or Protonmail
PayPal Bitcoin or Freedompay Monero
Fandom Wikia MediaWiki (note that 0mega added that)

Operating Systems[edit]

UNIX-like operating systems are recommended.