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Diego's profile picture

Diego (Also known as Big Brando by his relatives and close friends) is a multicellular organism designed by the lord for only one purpose: to kill other peoples brain cells.

He does this by employing language used to incapacitate his prey, such as "boomer" "zoomer" and "coomer" . Upon the words being heard his prey usually suffered a severe mental handicap, and declines into the use of various Linux distros. On a select few (now no longer on the server) he calls them "free tards" insulting them for caring about open source, rather than what the software/OS provides. (as the nagging voice in their head, probably a demonic interpretation of Alessandro, commands them to). As we know according to Diego he uses a pirated windows copy along with some other pirated software. To prove this sometimes he has shown screen snipets of his windows task bar to endorse programs such as brave (This is not proof that he uses windows primarily on his computer). Diego has one linux distro that he favors and recomends to new linux users to switch to for "ultimate cuckedness". This distro is Debian and uses on a server (What does this server do?).

Brando is the sole arch nemesis of Chandler, known for his ability to crush a pomegranate stone (usually around 9kgs) between his thighs while reciting the alphabet backwards.

All In all, Brando is a significant threat to the livelihoods of those around him, and threatens the existence of the Denshi community.