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Denshi discovered MLAATR in mid-2019 and later became a video editor for the MLAATR Fanbase YouTube channel. While he still maintains some level of fondness for the show, he has described himself as "not caring for the fanbase" and just generally feeling indifferent towards them.

His passion for the show is often attributed to his rampant Autism, and the show's appeal to Autistic people due to a variety of reasons.

MLAATR Fanbase[edit]

Editing for the Fanbase[edit]

Denshi became an editor for the MLAATR Fanbase in late 2019. He edited a total of 4 videos for the YouTube channel: "What Was The Teenage Robot Roundabout?", "Where's Tremorton Located?", "Who's Vega? Teenage Robot Characterization" and "Our Thoughts on My Life as a Teenage Robot Conspiracy Theories". While he edited the first two videos only through DM communication with Jack Hubert, the owner of the MLAATR Fanbase channel and Discord, he joined the MLAATR Fanbase Discord server for the last two.

Discord and controversy[edit]


Denshi's presence on the MLAATR Discord server was very innocuous at first, due to his Autism. He would talk with other users, share his own art and discuss others' art, and join the Discord voice calls.

However with every coming day he would become more and more violent about promoting libre software, causing him to self-kick himself from the server. Eventually he came back, sporting a "bow" in his profile picture and often repeating the phrase "Do you like my bow? I like my bow. Randy say's it's hot. I don't think it's hot. I think it's cute." only further displaying his complete Autism. Denshi would go on to leave the server again after this.

Eterostan the Alt[edit]

"Eterostan" was the name given by Denshi to an alt he had created to infiltrate the MLAATR Fanbase Discord server and stage his eventual return to the server. He had registered the alt using his own personal Reddit account, knowing that the moderation team would instantly know who he was. He was able to remain unscathed for a day, then the alt was eventually banned from the server.


Denshi returned to the MLAATR Fanbase Discord server after shockingly not being banned. He remained calm for around 2 days, promising to never say the "L word"(That being "Linux") but eventually was finally banned after crossing Jack Hubert and complaining about the "Circlejerk nature" of the MLAATR Fanbase Discord server.

Impact of the controversies and the Fanbase as a whole[edit]

Good Stuff[edit]

Denshi made various friends on the Fanbase, and recieved various members of DenshiDiscord from the MLAATR Fanbase Discord server. Some examples are ComradeFez, TicTac, Lavon and Mick Angel. As of the writing of this page, the only videos in the "Things I did elsewhere" playlist on the DenshiVideo YouTube channel are Denshi's MLAATR Fanbase videos.


However not all consequences were benefits; Denshi A-Logging has become a surprisingly popular activity for members of the MLAATR Fanbase Discord and larger community to partake in. Users that never even witnessed Denshi's pure, unadulterated autistic fits on the server or other shenanigans go out of their way to express some deep, seething hatred for this idiot they've never met.

MLAATR Reanimated[edit]

Denshi was involved in the MLAATR Reanimated project, giving in his very low-quality and sub-par shot before the end of 2019. As of the writing of this article, the MLAATR Reanimated project is not completed yet. Denshi's shot is viewable in his video regarding the submission.


Nebby's profile picture

"NebUla" is an alt account created by TheOfficialUno to infiltrate the MLAATR Fanbase. Real name Ella Depree, (or ED for short) she is a fake account that few people are yet to discover the true origins of, leading to her still gaining simps to this day. NebUla is also known as Denshi's Roblox GF.

NebUla: Origins[edit]

NebUla was created on July 6th, when Denshi, TheOfficialUno and CMDRabbit were in a Jitsi call. Denshi reportedly described his situation with the MLAATR Fanbase and MLAATR in general.

After "brainstorming" ideas as to how to deal with the Fanbase Discord, Uno eventually came up with the idea of creating an alt account by the name of NebUla, or Ella Depree. The alt was to join and verify on the MLAATR Fanbase Discord server, take part in voice calls and post art to the appropriate channels to give the illusion of a real person.

NebUla: The people behind the slaughter[edit]

While TheOfficialUno was undoubtedly the most valuable and important asset to the NebUla "project", helping make art in Blender and actually interacting and conversing on the server, this doesn't mean he was the only person who contributed.

Denshi played a vital role in explaining the context and supplying one piece of art to the cause, and Yeokii, Uno's friend, was to supply the voice of NebUla in the voice calls.

NebUla: Further shenanigans[edit]

After completing the "Denshi Did Nothing Wrong" mission assigned to her, NebUla decided to not go gently into that good night and instead became a member of the DenshiDiscord and began to play a new character: Denshi's Roblox GF. It was at this point that it became clear: Both Uno and Denshi were completely out of their minds.

"Nebby" as she was now known would play an overly masochistic and BDSM-obsessed student at Uno's real life school, who somehow also had a relationship with Denshi. Further adding to the confusion, Denshi and Uno lived in completely different countries with essentially opposite time zones, making keeping track of time and chronology difficult.