RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a set of standards for feeds and site updates utilizing a single XML feed file. RSS files contain various entries, where each new entry is normally post on a blog, video, streaming site. This file is hosted statically on the publishers website and can be read by users.

RSS Readers

In order to actually read RSS entries and enjoy consuming the best way possible, you need an RSS reader. Here is a somewhat comprehensive list of some common readers.

GUI Readers

Gnome feeds
This is a great program covered really well in this article.

Very easy to use and was covered by denshi in this video: odysee, librarian
However, may not be the safest since you are relying on the Mozilla company for security updates.

Terminal RSS Readers

Sfeed is a parser for RSS that can be used to make a client. Their website covers all recources on how to use it.

This is the rss reader for Emacs users. This is a good video on how to use it: librarian odysee

Newsboat is the the titular terminal-based RSS reader; It can be extensively configured to handle feeds in many creative different ways, such as downloading and playing YouTube videos with youtube-dl among other things.