Vitanam is a video maker and Machinima creator with his own YouTube channel. He has appeared in numerous Denshi videos and references to Denshi have appeared in various videos of his. He is one of Denshi's closest allies and a former administrator of the DenshiVideo Cult.


Vitanam was born at an uknown date, although it is said he has always been and will remain 19 years old eternally. At some moment during his life his father passed away, of uknown cause.

Vitanam's passion for videogames arose from playing them with his uncle. He gained a passion for Minecraft and began making videos about the game under the name "Thomas The Bullet" on YouTube. These videos recieved little attention.

At some poiint after beginning his new Machinima series "Bullet Time", Vitanam unlisted all the previous Minecraft videos made on the Thomas The Bullet channel. This new Machinima centered around the Enter the Gungeon videogame proved to be a success, garnering him most of his current following.

Collaboration with Denshi

Vitanam and Denshi collaborated on the second and last episode of Doctor Who: Minecraft Edition after complimenting Denshi on the pilot episode of the cancelled series.

Dysphoria & Transgenderism

Vitanam came out as a transgender woman on the 13th of October 2020. This change was accompanied with a new nickname, changing from the previous "Thomas" to a new, female "Penny".

This was reversed on the 16th of November 2020, when Vitanam announced that his "Dysphoria has been taken care of" and the nickname Thomas was reinstated.