Denshi (also known as Diamondop1234 or AleDenshi) is the owner and sole operator of the DenshiVideo YouTube channel.

History of Denshi

No one truly knows if Denshi is actually real. Most research points to him being some form of alien or insect creature from a far away dimension; However, his history on Earth is relatively well-documented:

Early life

Denshi was born in 2005. Despite living in Italy for his early life, due to the 2008 Great Recession, Denshi and his family moved to the UAE.


J.A.Y YouTube

Denshi went on to start his first YouTube channel with his friends at age 9 on October 16th 2015 when he filmed his friends throwing around a can of Mirinda on a table; this was the beginning of J.A.Y YouTube. He later went on to film his dad's computer's monitor showing off a modded Minecraft Jurassic Park he had built; His first video he made completely alone.

This eventually lead him to create more videos, tutorial videos and eventually space videos, deleting all old videos on his original YouTube channel and renaming it "Denshi YouTube", "Denshi Space Program" and later DenshiSpace.


Denshi had a short-lived channel named BLASTOFF_GAMING, shared with a friend (Yasser from the J.A.Y channel). This channel hosted gaming content, including a video analyzing a Sonic Forces trailer, which Denshi later reuploaded to J.A.Y YouTube. The reupload got a considerable amount of views, above 1000.

DenshiVideo / DenshiDraws

On April 24th, 2019, Denshi created "DenshiDraws" (now DenshiVideo). This is the main channel and Linux & FOSS propaganda machine ran by Denshi.

Once reaching age 13, the required age to independently run a YouTube channel without permission, Denshi created "DenshiDraws" (Now DenshiVideo) a YouTube channel originally dedicated to telling stories and history through terrible, awfully drawn pictures in a slideshow-like format.

Denshi recalls that these were the "Best videos I ever made, in terms of my enjoyment creating and watching them again" but it's likely he's just pointlessly nostalgic. The DenshiDraws format and the DenshiDraws name were dropped in late 2019 when Denshi rebranded the channel as "DenshiVideo" wanting a more neutral name so he could focus on more generic and varied content, namely tech videos.


Denshi first discovered Discord at age 13, as it was the only way to communicate with an online friend, Jebouddha. He grew fond of the platform but rarely used it before starting DenshiVideo Cult, based around his YouTube channel. Denshi's behavior on Discord has been known to be elitist, angry, and generally frustrated at everyone around him. This caused him to be banned from the Vitanam server after another violent episode. His own Discord server has been through 3 separate deletions, 2 of them caused by Denshi's temper.