💾ClientDavinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a piece of proprietary professional video editing, special effects, color grading and audio mixing software available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. This piece of software, Denshi decides to use over free and open source video editors like blender, kdenlive, shortcut and olive. This is a bit strange since the Dnshi agenda is free and open source software.

Installing on distros other than CentOS

DaVinci Resolve claims to only be compatible with CentOS, however through some basic patching and fixes it can be made to work on most Linux distributions.

Arch Linux, Manjaro and other Arch-based distros

Various AUR packages are available:

  • davinci-resolve - The free, non-studio version

  • davinci-resolve-beta - The free, non-studio beta version

  • davinci-resolve-studio - The paid, studio version

  • davinci-resolve-studio-beta - The paid, studio beta version

Debian, Ubuntu and other Debian-based distros

A script named MakeResolveDeb is available on Daniel Tufvesson's website to aid in the process of installing Resolve on Debian and Debian-based systems.

  • Secondly, extract the .run file from the archive

  • Place the archive in the same directory as the .run file

  • Run the script on the .run file:

./makeresolvedeb_1.5.0_multi.sh DaVinci_Resolve_Release.run
  • Lastly, install the new .deb file:

sudo dpkg -i DaVinci_Resolve.deb